Austrian Edupreneurs

Browse our EdTech network, to connect with Start-ups and Experts working in EdTech in Austria. Explore also online learning offers (OLOs), find open educational resources (OERs) or the perfect ICT-Tools for your use in educational settings.

WHAT WE DO Austrian Edupreneurs is the platform for the Austrian EdTech community and stands for more dialogue, cooperation and partnership between the education sector and other sectors. It is an independent and non-profit platform of, by, and for the EdTech community, to strengthen the EdTech ecosystem in Austria and increase its visibility. Austrian Edupreneurs is all about forming an Austrian EdTech network, and creating connections of individuals, organizations and companies within the EdTech ecosystem. It is an open place for all people, who are encouraged to use technology in educational settings.

We connect companies – especially EdTech Startups – with people from Universities, Schools, Research and Educational Institutions as well as People from Civil Society to foster the use of technology in learning, development and training. This will be done through an ecosystem overview and a listening of all stakeholders shared through our website as well as in physical and virtual/online events we will be organizing.
We offer an in-depth overview about the EdTech landscape in Austria. We also offer very useful information about online learning offers (OLOs), and a search for open educational resources (OERs) as well as ICT-Tools for the use in educational settings. This will be done through information shared on our website, but also in various communications with all participants of our community (newsletters) as well as via our social media channels.
We assist Austrian EdTech Startups to become better at communicating with potential customers and get in contact with people from educational institutions and organizations as well as in improving their “go-to-market strategies” that take account of competitive market dynamics. (coming soon)

WHY WE DO IT We believe that nobody should try to push the use of technology in education on their own. It’s much less effective and much less fun. That’s why we’re building a network of edupreneurs, whether individuals or organizations, so that we can reach together even more and have a greater impact.

OUR SUPPORTERS We are very pleased to get support regarding space, catering, etc. from a growing number of organizations.